Monday, 2 September 2013

Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt



Twitter: @eyeslicessa


Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, technology, brand building and globalisation, started her career studying a B.Comm Honours degree at Pretoria University. Her first business at the age of 23 started as an importer and distributor of a technology-based cosmetic product range through the professional industry in South Africa. 
This experience led Kerryne to stumble upon a gap in the global market and venture out to develop and create her own product innovation for export. With a global license for a unique polymer technology from the CSIR only developed to laboratory scale, Kerryne began the Applied Research & Development for her new product idea in 1999. After 7 years of research, prototyping, product & manufacturing development, the product eyeSlices® was eventually launched into the South African market in September 2006. The company is now exporting to 12 other countries including the USA, Middle East, Asia & Europe.

Today, I-Slices is an award winning South African company that has been recognised as a Top Technology 100 company in SA for a few years and has won numerous other awards since 2004. In the past 36 months the company has been profiled in over 80 publications and various television programs. The company has developed a specialised manufacturing plant for this world wide unique technology in order to fulfil the demand and has developed an extensive IP portfolio. Kerryne’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to put South Africa on the international map by positioning eyeSlices as a successful, top, global brand. “If you own a fridge, you will have one of our products in it”...she says!

eyeSlices®- are global first in cryogel technology (the only stable water based hydrogel in the world) – a dermal delivery system that slowly releases active ingredients and moisture into the skin. These cooling & soothing eye treatment pads target puffiness, dark circles, tiredness, redness & wrinkles within minutes and are re-usable. Two ranges have been developed for the Spa and FMCG markets and are the first of many more products still to be launched from this unique technology.

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