Friday, 2 August 2013

Tracey Foulkes


Twitter: @traceyfoulkes
Blog: Get Organised blog
Linked In: Tracey Foulkes
Email: tracey at getorganised dot co


Tracey Foulkes is a well known productivity expert, motivational speaker and avid Entrepreneur.

Audiences rave about Tracey Foulkes, calling her ‘captivating’, ‘authentic’, ‘witty’, ‘results-driven’ and ‘inspirational’. In her trademark no-nonsense way, Tracey prefers to describe herself as passionate about helping people work smarter.

She is the founder and CEO of Get Organised, and founder of the Professional Organiser Association Africa. As a motivational speaker, she is knowledgeable on time management, procrastination, business productivity and personal motivation.

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