Monday, 17 June 2013

Russell White



Russell White is a man of many sports.
He has been competitive in every sporting activity he has taken part in from an early age. These include: swimming, cross country and track running, rugby, life-saving, surfing, canoeing, jet-skiing, triathlons, mountain biking, road cycling, Moto-X, Enduros, Off-Road Motor biking and Adventure Racing to name but a few.
He has earned his Springbok Colours nine times, seven of which were across different sports.
He is a very competitive and motivated person, always going the extra mile to achieve his personal best.
Russell is a prodigious reader, and constantly researches new and unique techniques, diets, supplements and training methods in order to improve his ability to perform at the highest level. This, coupled with his ambition and desire to win at all times, makes for a highly competitive athlete.
Russell is a very enthusiastic and highly energetic individual with exceptional leadership qualities. He loves to share his tried-and-tested knowledge with others, and over the years has developed an exceptional skill and gift of being able to motivate others across a wide variety of disciplines. He has a unique and profound ability to pass on his incredibly positive energy to others, and has achieved tremendous success in helping others to realize their dreams.
Russell is a very hands-on coach, and does not believe in handing out a training program, and letting his athletes get on with it. He feels it is his responsibility to motivate them throughout the program, as some people will train, and others will TRAIN.
Training nowadays is very scientific and Russell believes, it must be conducted with a clear and concise purpose in mind. Russell helps each of his athletes to determine what their goals are and equips them with the necessary tools to achieve these goals. His knowledge in Level 1 coaching, hands on outdoor activities, team building, sport psychology, fitness training and nutrition, extends itself over a large number of sports. He firmly believes that Cross Training is the key to every sportsman’s success.

He has coached World and National Champs in various activities including Motocross, Triathlons, Mountain Biking, Adventure Racing, Swimming etc. He takes a holistic approach and his training program includes fitness training, nutrition, supplementation, general first aid, motivation and mental preparation. He is a true asset to any athlete, and together, can make a champion out of anyone who has the skill and the passion to be a winner.

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