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Ty White


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I am 28 yrs old, I have lived in KZN all my life, and have been actively involved in sport from a very young age.
My love for sport began at the age of six, growing up in a household where health, fitness, sport and most importantly family was, and is the central point of our daily routines. I took part in all school sports, from Swimming, Athletics, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby and Tennis, achieving Natal and SA Colours for some’ and several Victor Lidorum Awards.
Developing a passion for racing, I started doing Triathlons, and claimed the under 13 All Africa Triathlon Championships. I also did a lot of Motocross, Enduros and Adventure Racing growing up, which eventually led me to settling on doing Mountain Biking and Multi-Sport Races.
Since then, I’ve internalized our family motto, “Never give up”. With the support of my family, friends and coach, Russell White, I went on to claim the South African XTERRA Age Group Championship three times.
I am fortunate enough to be part of a handful of athletes that can consider their sport a job. While most people start their day in the turmoil of routine, I start my day with a clear view of the sunrise and the open road as my desk.
Actively involved in The Russell White Training Academy, I had the opportunity to assist Tyla Rattray during his Base Training Period in 2006 and 2007, where he managed to clinch the Grand Prix Motocross World Title in 2008. After his win, I travelled to USA, California to train Motocross Athletes for the AMA Championship Series. In 2009, I worked with Tommy Searle, helping him to get into peak condition, both mentally and physically, for his first year in the USA. With all my experience and exposure in this field, I fully understand the sacrifices, hard quality work and dedication it takes in order to gain success.
I came back to SA in 2011, and decided to concentrate on achieving some personal goals. So 2011 was a great year for me, with a SA XTERRA age group title, MudMan Series win, Momentum Health Iflex Duathlon win, Imana Wild Ride Win and MTB classic wins. My training is definitely paying off as was evident at the Momentum Health Iflex Duathlon where I comfortably managed to beat the likes of Lieuwe Boonstra, Brand Du Plessis and Jock Green. All top athletes with great pedigree, as well as beating some big names at XTERRA Knysna. Another memorable and great accomplishment was the World XTERRA Championship in Hawaii, where I managed to finish 2nd in my category, I was extremely happy with this after struggling with a stomach virus before the race.
My Sporting Career sees me taking part in at least 3 races per month, locally, nationally and internationally. The results are what keep me motivated, the great sportsmanship and the foundation of my beliefs also play a key role in my commitment to my job.

For 2013, I aim to be the Best I can be, to give it my all, be positive, motivated, passionate and be 100% focused at all times. I look forward to a successful year.

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