Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tim Goodenough



Tim Goodenough is one of approximately a dozen coaches around the world to hold the advanced Professional Certified Meta-Coach (PCMC) qualification. He also holds a trainers qualification in both NLP and Neuro-Semantics. Tim is part of the Neuro-Semantic Global leadership team which leads 280 NLP/NS Trainers and 1200 Coaches in over 37 countries.
Tim specializes in high performance, both in the corporate world and the world of elite athletes. Tim was the full time mental coach for The Sharks during their 2008 Super 14 rugby campaign. And more recently has worked with the SA Men’s and Women’s Field hockey teams and the Irish Men’s and Women’s field hockey teams. Tim lectures on mental toughness at The Sharks Academy and the Investec International Rugby Academy as well as for Cricket South Africa. In 2007 Tim co-wrote “In the Zone with South Africa’s sports heroes” (2007: Zebra) and in 2009 he co-authored a book on working with teams, “Team Coaching: Artists at work” (2009: Penguin) a collection of strategies and models for working as a team coach in different environments. His latest eagerly anticipated book, “Raising Talent: How to turn potential into performance” is set to be released Q1 2012.
In the corporate world Tim works as an Executive Coach for CEO’s and senior management on an individual and team level. During Tim’s corporate career he worked at Standard Bank as the Senior Manager for Talent Support in Personal and Business Banking and was part of the Leadership Development, Coaching & Mentoring Unit. Tim looked after Executive Coaching and Mentoring for Personal and Business Banking, as well as designing and facilitating coaching and mentoring workshops and training and assessing external facilitators. Tim sat on the Standard Bank coaching accreditation panel.

Tim has co-developed a truly dynamic and unique High Performance Team Development Model called the iTeam which is used to reveal, understand and enhance team dynamics and team performance.

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