Thursday, 30 May 2013

Steven Bakker



Steven Bakker – Sustainable Design Maven
With a background in visual identity design and a passion for sustainability in all aspects of life, he is applying his aesthetic sense to focus on locally relevant, sustainable and collaborative architectural, transportation, business and leisure concepts. If it’s good for the planet, nature and humanity, it’s good to go...
Permakraft is an emerging network of individuals and ventures committed to uplifting Africa – its nature, economy and inhabitants – via truly sustainable design principals. With initiatives to research, design, catalyse and share the paradigm shifts which are stirring globally, we aspire to apply insights within the local context. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are passionately involved in elevating life on our beautiful Continent – and inspiring humankind globally.
Pocket Farmers is a sustainable initiative catalysed by Permakraft which will emerge to be a local Southern African supplier of essential provisions, produce and services for small-scale, natural, subsistence farming – dedicated to healthy, happy, self-sufficient people and communities.

ProtoComplex is another project conceptualised by Permakraft with the intention of creating blueprints for and establishing rural, township, suburban and inner-city intentional community prototypes in Southern Africa – closed loop and open source models for a self-sufficient, abundant, secure and blissful future.

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