Thursday, 30 May 2013

Stacey Rozen



Stacey Rozen: Founder/Director StoryHeartists NPC Heartist | CreativityPercolator | StoryWeaver | IdeaGenerator | DesignDoer | YarnBomber | CultureShifter | DanceLover | SavvyAuntie

Stacey is a Social/Impact Entrepreneur. Influenced by her passion for creative expression and her love of transmedia storytelling, Stacey has explored the expressive arts from dance to poetry, creative writing and visual arts. She is primarily a designer and engages co-creativity, from architecture to graphic design. She founded the Soweto Shero group, mentoring and encouraging teen girls to expand their creative potential and envisioned Story Scarves which has evolved into a global goodwill movement and NPC. Stacey artfully eco-up-cycles with crochet, knitting and hand embroidery. She secretly (hmmm… no more!) is an undercover yarn bomber and believes that our stories are the tellers of us...

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