Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sonja Kruse



On 31st October 2009 I set off on a solo journey around our magnificent country. A year was spent traveling by foot and by thumb (iow hiking and walking) with a backpack (33lt) a camera and a R100. Without a tent or the means to support myself, South-Africans opened their hearts and homes to me, a complete stranger. Not solo after all. Stranger, not for long.
1 year 150 families 16 different cultures 114 towns 9 provinces

With the goal of building bridges. The goal was to go and collect the good stories to bring to us. To connect. To build. I became known as the UBUNTU girl. UMUNTU NGUMUNTU NGABANTU – People are people through people We can benefit from the many positive stories gathered along the way. The book is being written

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