Thursday, 30 May 2013

Saffron Baggallay



Specialising in presenting on all forms of communication, Saffron uses her enchanting personality, love for story-telling and acting; and her wide experience, to make presenting fun and entertaining as well as informative and enriching.
Saffron Baggallay is a talented presenter who has been in education and training since 1999; and is passionately interested in drawing the best out of people. What differentiates Saffron as a speaker and trainer is her ability to adapt herself to her audience. She makes it a priority to understand not only the client’s specific needs, but also the questions pertaining to the client’s environment and industry challenges.
Saffron has a BA (Hons) Sociology and Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin (1998) and a MADA from WITS (2006) where she specialised in identity theory. Saffron has a particular interest in how identity theory can be used to assist organisations to understand diversity from a generation, gender and cultural perspective in particular. Saffron also has a Coaching qualification using the Enneagram, which she uses to help organisations understand how different personality profiles, inside departments, or as an organisation as a whole, can impact productivity.
Saffron works in the consulting, presentation and training space, where she focuses on how individuals and organisations can become more self-aware in order to cope with the challenges and responsibilities associated with change within the context of the New World of Work. A lot of her experience has centred around helping people cope with having to take on roles they ‘didn’t sign up to do’ within the context of a connection economy. For example, helping auditors become sales people or managers become mentors.
Specifically Saffron enjoys:
Presenting and keynote addresses at conferences and events on current trends that are influencing change and therefore impacting both corporate and education instututions Training on what skills are needed to effect behavioural change in order to cope with the New World of Work Consulting around what problems exist within client-specific environments, and what customised solutions can be found to unravel those problems Saffron uses a four-pronged approach when presenting: emotions, entertainment, facts; and aesthetics, as she has found this combination to be most effective when helping people learn and remember. The sustainability of her involvement in organisations is very important. She has worked primarily in the professional services, banking, insurance, advertising, pharmaceutical and education environments.

Saffron is currently writing a ‘chick-lit’ meets self-help book on being over 30 and still single, where she aims to explore the complex relationship between men and women both professionally and personally. Saffron is also working on a collaborative research project with the University of Johannesburg that is investigating the impact gender and socio-economics play on generation theory, in terms of diversity, amongst Generation Y.

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