Thursday, 30 May 2013

Morgan Zeederberg



  • Traditional Scandinavian Leathersmith and Artist. Working in leather in RSA since 1985. Operated a leatherwork apprenticeship workshop 1991 - 1997. Travelled through Zambia illustrating various coffee table books and was introduced to the dilemmas of rural life in Africa.
  • Together with my wife who comes from Zambia, we developed an extensive and comprehensive strategy for the establishment of a food forestry concept for the rural farmers of Africa. The intention for this process is for the education and introduction of nutritional health and eventual economic upliftment of rural farmers and their subsequent self sustainable autonomy. This led to the establishment of Self Sustainable Creations (SSC).
  • Established relationship with Dion de Lange ( Moringa South Africa ) who represents the marketing and distribution of agri forestry produce from our rural farmers. Together we developed a range of products for the delivery of nutritional health to the population of RSA and international market.

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