Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lorene Shyba



In no particular order, I have been a journalist, video producer, magazine publisher, web/graphic/game designer, advertising art director, TV talent, dancer/choreographer, digital art curator, university professor, theatre impresario, creative director of Sundial Media, and cowgirl among other things. My PHD is in Interactive Media from the University of Calgary, Canada and my dissertation, called "Beyond Fun and Games," is about the way Serious Games can help us better understand social issues. Among my more recent artistic endeavors is the forum theatre event Spies in the Oil Sands, and its spin-off computer game “The Pipeline Pinball Energy Thrill Ride Game” which mix live improvisational drama with screen-delivered intermedia and games, peppered with audience participation, and served on a bed of subversive humour.
I also recently co-wrote a novel called 5000 Dead Ducks which is a satire about how an unscrupulous group of lawyers scheme to take over the Alberta (Alberia) government and the consequential hilarity in the oilsands.

I am also interested in cultural aspects of human-computer interaction (HCI), digital humanities, play in social network environments, and research adventures in far-away corners of the world. I have taught far and wide including University of Lethbridge, University of Calgary, McMaster University and my current academic affiliation is as a research adjunct in interactive media at Montana Tech of the University of Montana.

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