Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lisa de Speville



Lisa is an experienced adventure racer and trail runner having competed in numerous ultradistance events since 1999. She favours off-road ultra marathons, staged ultra foot-races, mountain races and 24-hour rogaine events. Running (road and trail) and orienteering are her primary sporting disciplines, with a healthy dose of mountain biking, kayaking, yoga and pole dance thrown in for good measure.
A freelancer, Lisa currently runs an expansion and development project for the South African Orienteering Federation as well as writing articles and releases for magazines and clients.
She's the owner and editor of, a website dedicated to the sport of adventure racing. She launched this website in April 2001 and it remains an informative portal for local and international visitors.
Lisa's most recent project is FEAT, Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks (, an evening of time-limited presentations by South African adventurers. The first FEAT evening was held in October 2010. Her fourth event will take place this year on Thursday, 4 October 2012. FEAT has expanded to Canada, where the event is organised by adventure racer Sean Verret. FEAT looks likely to happen in Ireland in 2013. Lisa is the co-author, with Jacques Marais, of Adventure Racing, a full-colour, hard-cover book on adventure racing. The book was released in the UK at the end of 2004. She has contributed to other books, most recently the new Trail Runner's Guide, which was edited by Jacques Marais. When she isn't running or writing, Lisa enjoys planning events, like her Metrogaine Jo'burg events, which she describes as a "time-limited, point-score, night-running urban navigation event". She has a list of other event ideas that she's battling to get around to putting together so they remain on 'the list'. She's currently working on improving her orienteering mapping skills and is obssessed with the colours and creativity of crochet.

Lisa is 36 and she lives in Jo'burg.

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