Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Kim Morgado



Kim Morgado "The Honey Bear"
Beekeeping has been a cherished hobby in Kim’s family for a number of generations. "The annual family ritual of the opening of the garden hives in midsummer, for the sharing of the bees' spring bounty by taking their top 1/3 honeycomb, has always been one the most cherished of my earlier memories." says Kim.
After spending close to thirty years closed-up in a studio, a life changing incident happened in Kim's life which lead him to change his life in a radically different way.
He started having his own bees. Kim was also fascinated by the "hive philosophy", which consists of industriousness, organization, cooperativeness and above all, the total belief in ones capacity to succeed, including the ability to protect what’s rightfully ours, regardless of obstacles.
It didn't take all that long for the passionate hobby to become a full time job.
His starting point is that honey, per se, is already a most outstanding medicinal product (please see Kim’s website www.thehoneybear.co.za on the subject) and on top of that, perhaps it's the best preservative there is, as it is the only natural product that doesn't go off. Besides that, it’s also the outmost conduit to the blood stream for orally taken medicine. The medicinal range is sold exclusively through the Herbalist Doctor Yusuf Patel, 082 462 3030.
Out of one of the original farmhouse outer buildings where Kim lives, a proper "honey room" was specifically created, including following existing health regulations for both food manufacturing and honey bottling facilities.

Kim also sells his honey products to the top restaurants in South Africa and exclusive shopping centres such as Thrupps. More informations is available via the website: www.thehoneybear.co.za

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