Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Karen Hauptfleisch



Karen Hauptfleisch is maybe better known for her passion for the environment and vulnerable children which led her to the establishment of the non-profit and non-governmental organisation called SOAPkidz (www.soapkidz.org). SOAPkidz has to date taken over 15 000 children into nature where they are made to feel special and they are each taught about nature and their environment. Through this stimulating experience, they are also taught that they have a role to play in the future of this planet.
It is Karen’s dream to reach in excess of 1,000,000 children and through this improve our environment, whilst teaching each child that they are special. The motto of SOAPkidz, “Because it pure magic, when kids and nature meet” is permanently etched in the minds of each volunteer after spending a day in nature with children and making a real difference to the environment and our society.
As if SOAPkidz was not enough of a challenge, Karen has started a personal quest to be the first South African and woman to clean the highest peak in each of Africa’s 54 countries. To date she cleaned the highest peak in 30 African Countries. This endeavour is affectionately called Sunrise on Africa’s Peaks (SOAP) and it started with a trip to Kilimanjaro in 2002.

On each of these trips she takes the opportunity to interact with the local communities and clean up the litter on top of the peaks. Through this she is striving to complete her own personal adventure and grow awareness for nature and for the plight of vulnerable children across Africa. She will be continuing SOAP in the next couple of month and plans to visit a next group of countries striving to complete this feat within the next few years. She is looking for support for these trips and wants to use this to promote SOAPkidz and the events and activities through these trips.

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