Tuesday, 28 May 2013

John Neave



John Neave is interested in processes that help individuals discover their creative potential. His group facilitation and coaching experience in the field of business is with people on all levels, from shop floor level workers to directors.
He believes everyone has within them a uniquely creative gift they bring with them into life and that the central challenge is to realise this in living and, if possible, to find a way of using the gift in a business venture. When this passion is activated, people should be given the tools and processes to help them combine business logic and principles to their individual focus. In this regard, we often underestimate the innovative role of creativity and imagination in meaning-making processes that effect and sustain change in life.

John has also used eco-therapeutic and coaching processes in wilderness journeys and vision quests for a diverse range of people; from business leaders to homeless people. He follows a philosophy based on kindness. And while he has been out of the conventional business world for some time, pursuing his writing and artistic expression, he is currently busy feeling out the waters of the mainstream again – specially exploring ways he can share his experience with younger people.

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