Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Janet du Preez



Janet du Preez is a passionate, provocative and creative thinker in the fields of organisational development, human capital development and engagement who specialises in creating innovative products and interventions which promote the effectiveness of individuals, teams, organisations and communities and enable the delivery of strategic imperatives.
Janet is uniquely qualified with masters level studies in health sciences, psychology and business, to understand the psychological and practical systems which underlie behaviour and outcomes. Her broad-based work experience includes time spent in governmental, non-profit and volunteer organisations, small, medium and corporate businesses, service and trade enterprises, retail, financial and medical industries. She has worked with children and adults, in environments as diverse as credit control, call-centre team leadership, sales, customer service and executive leadership.
A Gallup-trained Strengths Performance Consultant for individuals and teams, she describes herself as a strategic maximiser and engagement protagonist, constantly alert for good people, good ideas and good systems which can be made even more effective. She has a deep love for people and places huge value on both their extraordinary individuality and synergistic potential. Janet’s own fascination with learning and creativity provides a wealth of diverse knowledge upon which she draws, as required, with her emphasis being on sustainable application rather than adding to information overload. It also drives her to utilise creative teaching techniques to make academic material comprehensible and applicable. To the delight of her delegates she prizes enjoyable, interactive and participative transformational experiences over formal unidirectional training approaches.

Janet is the creative visionary and owner of Tools of Greatness which is dedicated to providing human capital and organisational development resources to individuals, teams, organisations and communities which will promote their effectiveness. She is the past-Convenor of the Gauteng Branch of the South African Organisation Development Network and is on the Academic Board of the Academy for Organisational Change. Janet is married and is a mother of 4 children but in an earlier life was involved in the parenting of over 50 children in custodial care environments. Although currently working in business, she retains a passion for seeing children flourish and she fervently believes in the importance of preparing them to contribute effectively to the economic prosperity of the nation.

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