Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dr Eugene Botha



Dr Eugene Botha is a Internationally Certified BodyTalk Instructor.
Dr Botha started his career as a professional in Natural medicine over 18 years ago, holding a Dr of Science in Natural Medicine, Prof in Traditional Natural Medicine, Certified East West Herbalist, Graduate of the International School of Phytotherapy, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Internationally licensed BodyTalk System Instructor.
Dr Botha Is one of the Pioneers for the growth and development of The BodyTalk System In South Africa focused on Gauteng and the surrounding provinces. Dr Botha worked closely with Snr Instructors of the BodyTalk System such as Olivia Pinto, Beverly Lutz (whom brought BT to SA) as well as the founder of The Bodytalk System Dr John Veltheim. Together with his partner and dedicated BodyTalkers Dr Botha Coordinated many courses before becoming an instructor himself, bringing together 100ds of students to learn this amazingly simple and effective Energy Modality.
Dr Botha has been in practice with BodyTalk for the past 8 Years and has been running his own classes for the past 3 years. Prior to teaching BodyTalk Dr Botha has been studying and teaching Herbal medicine, Martial arts and Philosophy for over 25 years.
Drawing from his experience he has developed a training program for BodyTalk students to help them with their initial, sometimes daunting, stage of getting the work fine tuned, into their hands and into practice. Many practitioners in the Gauteng area have benefited from this training and are now running successful practices with a solid foundation in BodyTalk and progressing into the advanced work with ease.

Dr Botha is very passionate about seeing his students developing their skills and helping them grow as Human beings.

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