Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dion Jerling



Dion Jerling - Special Projects Director - Connect Africa
Bio – October 2011
Following a career that started in the UK construction sector leading, oddly enough, to the European online media sector, Dion subsequently founded Connect Africa in 2004. His passion for Africa and technology, along with a little money, enabled him to successfully “prove the concept” of sustainable rural service delivery in a series of successful field trials in South Africa’s remote Limpopo Province.
Dion shifted Connect Africa’s focus to rural Zambia in 2009 and has since completed successive projects that have evolved into close partnerships with multiple public and private sector service providers. The delivery of their respective services to rural communities in Southern Africa is facilitated by Connect Africa utilising a combination of sometimes (very) basic logistics and cutting edge ICTs.
Connect Africa is currently deploying a deep rural SuperPico network in Zambia. Using this innovative technology and partnership approach Connect Africa has brought together MNO, Technology, Education, Health and Agricultural Service Providers to implement a rural communication infrastructure that facilitates the delivery of multiple services directly to some of Zambia’s most remote communities.
It is partnership and cooperation that underpins what Connect Africa does: infrastructure implementation, logistics, maintenance and sustainability.
Three key services will drive rural Africa’s development in the future:
  • Agri-Business
  • Financial Services and
  • ICT

Connect Africa is positioned to deliver these services.

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