Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dion de Lange



  • Nutritional Researcher. Changed my life through nutrition. In 2001 I was 25 kg overweight and in a poor state of health. I started researching nutrition and discovered the world of super nutrient dense plant powders.
  • In 2005 I discovered the amazing Moringa Tree. I then established Moringa South Africa (MSA) and started growing and selling the seedlings via my websites
  • In 2008 I began importing the Moringa Leaf powder and started marketing and distributing the powder via the internet and independent traders
  • In 2011 I established a relationship with Self Sustainable Creations SSC) who supply exceptionally high quality nutrient dense PURE Moringa Leaf Powder from their self sustaining food forestry program in Zambia, Malawi and northern Mozambique (and soon in South Africa).
  • MSA and SSC work together to develop Moringa enriched food products and a variety of markets
  • In 2012 and currently, MSA and SSC have established relationships with various organisations that are focussing mainly on supplying Moringa enriched staple foods to Feeding programs, Schools, Hospitals, blue collar workers as well as commercial outlets nationally and internationally.
  • Currently SSC and MSA are working on a community development project that will duplicate the food forestry program in South Africa to uplift rural communities Nutritionally and Economically
  • Our Goal:
    • Nutritional and Economic Self-Empowerment through Nutritional Health via staple foods enriched with super nutrient dense Moringa Leaf Powder from the Moringa Oleifera Tree a.k.a. The Miracle Tree
    • Developing a range of tasty and nutritious Moringa enriched products for Feeding programs as well as commercial outlets (International and National)
      • Feeding Programs via NPO’s (Non Profit Organisations)
      • Feeding programs via government departments Health and Education
      • Bulk end users (nationally and internationally) who package the products with their own branding for commercial sale in markets that they develop
    • Developing the above mentioned outlets to support and uplift our rural outgrowers economically

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