Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Colin Byrne



Colin is a concerned and active citizen. He is a member of his local council Ward Committee, chairman of the local branch of the Democratic Alliance Party, and a member of the committee for the Conservancy of the Ferndale Spruit. He writes extensively on local community and national issues. He is an avid reader of alternative views and gets his inspiration from quantum mechanics and quantum physics. Colin enjoys meeting ordinary people, as he doesn't consider anyone "ordinary". His views are not congruent with current world views, but he is content to work with current paradigms in order to advance the human consciousness.
He draws inspiration for community from the idea of ubuntu, and wrote a paper on the subject whilst employed by the Desmond Peace Trust in Cape Town. He does not subscribe to Darwinian theories of evolution, and believes that evolution has little to with our genetics, but more to do with the mind (consciousness) and the environment in which mind interacts with the environment.
His interests are wide. He has actively been involved in sport, music, theatre, politics and is a devotee to fun. He also studied theology at the Rosebank Bible College, but has progressed beyond current thinking of theology and religion. He considers himself to be an ordinary guy, who has extraordinary thoughts.

He is currently a project manager and is writing a book that exposes current consciousness and its alternatives, from both a quantum mechanics and philosophical point of view.

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