Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Clive Price



The consummate sales maestro, Clive can orchestrate any sales dialogue into a win-win for all. Pushing the boundaries of learning, he has successfully trained thousands of delegates around the world who have all experienced the ‘ka-ching’ factor from his unique brand of training. The naughty chuckle in his eyes is perhaps typical of an entrepreneurial thinker, who has turned the conventional ways of selling upside down. Clive is Managing Director of The Peer Group in South Africa and has a BA (Econ) from Wits Univ. and a Post Graduate Degree in Learning Psychology from London Univ. He has an astute grasp on what it takes to succeed in sales and business and has written many publications including:

  • ‘Objections Open the Doors’,
  • ‘Six Common Sales Blunders’,
  • ‘Are Brilliant Salespeople Born?’
  • ‘How Buyer’s Seduce Salespeople’
  • ‘Watch Your Sales Soar.’

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