Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bert and Brigitte



  • Bert
For me, no other dance gives the Man as much freedom and control and these two qualities appeal to my Machismo. I always dreamed of walking across a Ballroom - inviting a beautiful woman to dance and sweeping her off her feet and with the tango, I find I can do just that and this appeals to the Romantic in me. But it’s more than that- Tango is the Martial Art of the Lovers as apposed to the Fighters. The couple are creating something together instead of trying to destroy each other. Through Tango I have a better understanding of the dynamics that exist between the two – the Leader and the Follower; the Man and the Woman; the Mother and the Child, the Employer and the Employee – and understanding these dynamics and working with them. Teaching Tango and, through this, a creative and co-operative way to be with one’s partner, is a powerful and thrilling experience. I will continue to dance and teach so long as my passions for Love, Life and the Tango burn as brightly as they do right now. My motto: "If you only learn one dance... make sure it's the Tango!"
  • Brigitte
The Argentine Tango has not only changed my whole life but gave me an insight of how males and females (in all areas of life) can co-exists together in harmony – on the dance floor so in life. Tango in a way creates a basic desire to be close to another human being with the understanding of each other's roles. I spent the last 5 years on and off in Argentina to understand, teach and live TANGO, to bring it home to South Africa. My motto: "One big heart and four legs."
  • Big 5 and Tango.

Big 5 and Tango was created (as an add on to Tango-Tensity and VIP Travel into Africa) to bring maestros from Buenos Aires out to South Africa to share their knowledge and skills with all and with that help grow the interest in tango in our country. Tango travel is done all over the world and until 2008 no-one thought of coming to South Africa for tango. We have changed that picture. At the same time incoming tourists had another reason to come to South Africa – to see the beauty of our land and be able to attend workshops provided by maestros from Argentina. The aim is to have these tango workshop at game reserves so that one can combine being in the African bush (hence Big5) and enjoy learning more tango. Another aspect of Big 5 and Tango is the tango travel for the local South African market to Buenos Aires to experience the "authentic Tango".

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