Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Alexander McLeod



Alexander McLeod is the new guy in charge of Ideate. He is passionate about fostering entrepreneurship in South Africa. He has developed and is currently implementing his 3rd independent School Entrepreneurship Programme. To date has had over 100 learners from 7 different High Schools register for his programme with some success stories of learners starting profitable ventures while on his programme. He loves the Ideate platform(as he tells us in this interview) and believes Ideate can become a fantastic platform for aspiring and established entrepreneurs as well as working professionals.

Alexander has just over 8 years experience in professional services having worked as a management consultant and project manager at reputable organisations such as Deloitte and Business Innovation Group. He has been running his own business, Water Berry, for about 2 years and has a core focus on entrepreneurial development. He is passionate about education and giving people the opportunity to live their dreams.

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