Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Adin van Ryneveld



Adin van Ryneveld, AKA the No Money Guy, began a 5 year experiment to live without money on the 5th of May 2009.
Halfway through he took his experiment to a new level by starting a business called Ubuntu Digital, the first in South Africa (and possibly the world) to operate beyond conventional, debt-based money. Ubuntu Digital’s purpose is to create a hybrid-economy by showing what’s possible without money.
Adin launched Ubuntu Digital with 5 parties at the Penthouse Rooftop. These parties were run using a digital currency platform called the Community Exchange System, developed by Cape Townian Tim Jenkin. Adin is making a return to throwing parties after a 10 year break from the scene. He is most known for the legendary Friday night parties at the original Fez Club called Strutt, with resident DJ’s!
Adin is always looking for ways to work and be productive without money. Most recently he has worked for food and accommodation as a barman at Penthouse on Long Backpackers and he has just started to learn the art of coffee roasting at Truth Coffee.

Before becoming the No Money Guy Adin did a few different things to earn a living. He has been a life coach, trained in Consciousness Coaching; spent 3 years as a property broker with Sokolic Property Group and even worked in a bank! Now he is focussed on growing Ubuntu Digital and developing himself as a public speaker.

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